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Just because you are not in the same room as your audio system doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. Your favorite tunes can help you slice through some carrots in preparation for dinner. Over dinner you and your guests can converse over some fine wine and vintage jazz. Later in the family room or media room your blood rushes through your body as the thundering battle comes alive of your favorite action movie, as your other half floats away and relaxes to soft classical in the tub. Or, perhaps you pull away to the den or home office with your favorite Blues music playing in the background to fire off some e-mail to friends and family.

Acoustic Development Associates offers whole house music systems for every budget!

Yes, you can have loudspeakers that seamlessly blend into the décor of home and keep everyone happy.

Not all speakers need to be hidden, many manufactures provide high performance and high style, with a choice of wood veneers to match your decor.

You can have this with a whole house audio system and loudspeakers placed throughout your home. You will not have to deal with large and obtrusive freestanding cabinet style loudspeakers placed in each room to hear the tunes. With the technological advances in today's in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that fit into the walls or ceilings with only their flush mounted grilles visible have made very easy to enjoy great music all over your house, as well as the patio, on the deck or in the yard without taking away from the style and décor of the house.

Most in-wall and in-ceiling speaker's frame and grills can also be painted from the beautiful standard white finish to match the rooms colors and design.

The music in each room can be controlled from a very simple and elegant volume control like the Russound A-bus system allowing you to control the volume and you music selection from each room. These volume controls allow control of your CD player, radio, or any other music player without having to walk back to where the electronic components are stationed. Through a simple handheld remote it sends the commands for changing radio stations or CDs through your walls, talk about convenience. You can even have one radio station playing on the office, yet another radio station playing in the kitchen while others listen to a CD in the playroom, all being independently controlled from each room.

By pre-wiring locations of choice, homeowners can access and control audio components from any room.

These systems can not only share audio components and pipe the sound throughout your home but they can also share video components. Meaning just as you can send the sounds coming from the radio or tuner throughout the home you can also sending the picture and sound of a DVD movie, or a Music Server's on screen display so you can select the music of choice from your hard drive directly from each TV located in each room. You can even share a single cable box or satellite receiver throughout your house.

The volume controls or user interfaces or keypads are usually the most important to the end users because thus is the pieces that they will have the most interaction with during the everyday usage of the whole house music system.