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Acoustic Development Associates offers several options for in ceiling and in-wall speaker choices as well as different levels of user interfaces from a simple volume control to a highly automated touch screen panels and wireless web tablets.

Speaker Selection:

The speakers range in price from approximately $100.00 a pair to thousands and are broken down into several categories and select models in each category. ADA will be able to assist you in make the appropriate choice for the listening area. Listed below are the options for categories with a brief description of each class.

Environment : These speakers are typically used in areas of very low music such as hallways, powder rooms, half or full baths, vestibules, walk in closets, etc.

Background: These speakers step it up one level from the Atmosphere level of speakers; they are typically used in area where good quality background music is desired. They are most widely used in areas where background music is desired but require better sound quality when compared to the Environment level of speakers. These speakers are typically used in areas such as hallways, powder rooms, half or full baths, vestibules, walk in closets, etc.

Music Series: These speakers are most widely used throughout homes. They are usually placed in areas that require higher sound quality such as the Kitchen, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Living Room, Family Rooms, Office, Bedrooms, or any area requiring exceptional sound quality.

Hi-Fi Series: These speakers are usually used in the same areas as the Music Series however they offer premium sound, better fidelity and a larger frequency range allowing much cleaner highs and lower bass response. These speakers can also be used for a clean in-wall/in-ceiling surround sound setup.

Custom: These speakers are usually classified as audiophile quality. ADA, Inc offers these models as in custom design and finishes from painted to wooded veneers. These are premium loudspeakers with superior sound quality and are usually intended for dedicated listening rooms designed and setup for pure sound quality reproduction from the ground up.

User Interface System:

A user interface is usually the piece of equipment that the end user will have the most interaction with. It allows the user to control the main music system and the sources. ADA, Inc. offers several options ranging in user functionality and control. They are all available in several colors and finishes to en sure it matches the décor of you home. A brief description of some systems that we offer are listed below:

Keypad/Volume Control: This system uses a very simple to use keypad designed for price valued customers, yet offers great sound quality. This system contains its own amplification in the keypad and allows the user to have functionality of turning the system “on” and “off” as well as volume control from the keypad. The system also allows music source functionality via a handheld remote control. The remote control needs to be pointed at the keypad and any control function commands will be passed on to control the music sources at the equipment location. This system is also available in a multisource multiroom format, where you can be using multiple sources and in different locations of the house without interfering with one another including independent volume control.

Keypad/Volume Control with Display: This system also uses a simple keypad layout as above but adds a digital display reading volume level indication, source selection readout, higher amplification, and keypad backlight color selection between green/amber. This also adds direct source selection from each keypad, custom source naming, and multisource multiroom capabilities with a total of 4 sources. The music sources can be control independently from a handheld remote control or via optional keypads such as a direct source control (DSC) or direct numerical keypad (DAN). These optional keypads allow direct functionality of sources without the need of a handheld volume control. They have buttons that allow station selection, CD choice and transport buttons for track selections or preset stations. They are fully programmable for all you music sources.

Keypad/Volume Control with Display II: This system uses a keypad that has a patent for the design of the keypad, so others cannot copy the simple layout and functionality of the keypad. It is by far the simplest and most robust keypad available today. It allows all the functionality of all the keypads above and also allows two-way communication on the display. For example as you adjust stations and or presets the frequency of the station will be displayed on the keypad. Or on a music server it will readout the selection of the artist as well as the song selected. This system is actually software driven and by far provides the most functionality and is the simplest to use. It is not only multisource multiroom capable with a total of 6 sources but also allows video distribution. So you could have the capabilities of sharing a DVD or having the on screen displays of the Music server displayed on a television in the room allowing even easier functionality. It also has independent bass/treble control, balance, macro functions, party mode, all “on” all “off”, do not disturb, the list goes on and on.

Touch panel/Wireless Web tablet Control: This system is fully programmable and is designed for people that want to most control and functionality from their home. If you can dream it, this system can probably do it. It has a graphical display allowing music selection from the cover art of each CD, radio stations, music servers, DVD, etc. One can actually watch TV or browse the Internet from these touch screen panels or web tablets. We offer two different systems on order to meet various requirements of our customers. These systems not only control your whole house music and video distribution but can also control lighting, security system, HVAC system, video surveillance. You can actually see who is at the front door from this touch panel or on any TV through the house. You can even have custom scenes programmed into it. For example you might have a goodnight scene, with the push of one button it will make sure that all the lighting is turned off except for a few outdoor lights and maybe the lights are dimmed in the hallway for a pathway to the bathroom. The music system is turned off, the security system is armed and the thermostat is set back to a desired temp. Our how about a party scene, where all the lights are turned on to the appropriate dim level, music system is turned on, the fire place is ignited and the temperature is set back to compensate for the number of guests. If you can imagine it then the touch panel can control it, all with a single touch of a button. The list of functionality and capabilities of this type of system is never ending …